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Egg Sitter Support Cushion
Egg Sitter Support Cushion
Egg Sitter Support Cushion

Egg Sitter Support Cushion

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The support cushion that is so comfy and flexible you can sit on an egg without breaking it.

Are you having problem with back pain and bad posture during prolonged sitting?. Introducing to you the Egg Sitter Cushion.

Unlike the poor design of other seat cushions, the Egg Sitter’s cradles your tailbone and absorbs your pressure points for nearly instant relief of back pain. 


Use it to relieve back pain from sitting and improve posture at your desk at work. Or, use it in the car for the ultimate comfortable driving experience. This cushion will add relief and comfort to any chair, bench, car seat, plane seat, wheelchair, or floor. The cooling gel-enhanced technology stabilizes temperature by reducing trapped body heat in the cushion and relieves pressure points. The specially designed U-shape contoured cushion provides relief from pain and tension, and promotes good posture, proper spine alignment, healthy weight distribution, and ultimate comfort.



-It maximizes airflow, keeping you cool and comfortable. It is made of ultra-flex polymer for extreme comfort and durability. When you sit on Egg Sitter, it collapses in on itself to provide you with optimal lumbar support and comfort.



The Egg Sitter is strong and durable. Other foam cushions lose their shape after repeated use. Egg Sitter retains its shape even if you sit on it every day all day long, making it a great back pain seat and orthopedic seat.



Whether you need support in your computer chair, office chair, deep seat, car seat, or recliner, Egg Sitter can help! Measuring 17-inches x 17-inches, Egg Sitter fits just about any seat. And since Egg Sitter cradles your backside, you won’t be lifted high in your seat.



We understand that you may not like the gel-like texture of Egg Sitter directly on your skin. That’s why we’ve included a soft, machine-washable slipcover. You’ll reap all the benefits of Egg Sitter and feel the soft polyester-blend slipcover fabric against your skin.

Recommended for:
- Extra cushioning for any chair
- Relief of pain, tension, or numbness from prolonged sitting
- Bed Sores
- Long hours of office work, flights, car rides, or wheelchair
- Lower back pain
- Fractured, bruised, inflamed, or broken tailbone
- Pelvic and hip pain relief
- Relief of sciatic tension and nerve damage
- Herniated, slipped, or bulging discs

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